Cost Comparison

Cost of Gigabit (aka 1,000 Mbit) Symmetrical Internet In Other Places
Kansas City ($70/Month) (On par free after 12 months and $300 one time equipment fee)
Chatanooga, TN ($68/Month) (Note: $300/month for 10 Gig service)
Japan ($25/Month)
South Korea ($24/month)
On average the cost in most other developed countries is in the $24 to $56/month range.
Canadian Free Standard is now 50/10 Mbits
Bellingham (If you can get it at all) $300 to $900 a month depending on provider. Your provider will probably be anti-net neutral.
Oddly, We spend about 4 times the amount to install conduit in Bellingham than other similar cities. (COB Numbers $50K and up per block, Blaine $85K a Mile)