What is a Dig Once Policy


A Dig Once Policy is a common-sense policy that states that our city will start installing inexpensive, publicly owned, resources for use whenever a repair is done. For example, when a road is repaired. This would lower our costs, give us access to local net-neutral providers, and much more.

We asked the City of Bellingham, and the Whatcom County Council, to adopt a Dig Once Policy that includes the installation of inexpensive, publicly owned, conduit and fiber-optic cabling whenever a repair that requires excavation is done. Up to 90 percent of costs associated with underground deployment are often due to the excavation rather than materials; smart dig once policies save the public dollars, increase choice in Internet providers, and help us address virtually all of our economic and social issues. Thus, we do the work necessary to make our city modern in the most efficient manner possible. Many other cities have already done this and their governments make the money back by leasing the conduit to licensed ISP including Co-Ops and private, local, net-neutral companies.

Please let your elected leaders know that we need a real, comprehensive, well reviewed, Dig Once Policy ASAP.

For more information please check out and sign the petition for public fiber at https://www.change.org/p/mayorsoffice-cob-org-bellingham-public-fiber-optic-network